1. What is StartupBuffet?
StartupBuffet is a free business video resource library for Entrepreneurs and small businesses. Anyone wanting to learn more about starting a business, or growing their small business, StartupBuffet is the place to be. We offer videos on topics ranging from legal, finance, tax,  human resource, marketing and advertising, social media, and more! We also offer inspiration and fun videos to keep you motivated. 
2. How does it work?
Go to How It Works and watch our short videos : http://www.startupbuffet.com/how-it-works 
Our interface is intuitive. Here you will see the major Categories of topics including what’s Trending (popular videos), Legal, Marketing, Money, Tech, Ideas, and Treasure chest ( where you will find inspiration, fun, idea generation). 
Want to refine further? Go to the search button and type in a topic. This will make it easy to find exactly what you need, without having to spend hours on the internet searching for answers and getting past a lot of advertising that may not fit your needs.
3. What is the benefit of using StartupBuffet?
StartupBuffet is the go to place for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs. We make learning fun and finding information easy.
If you are overhelmed and wasted too much time on the internet's search results that are filled with advertising and irrelvant information, StartupBuffet is your solution for quick, easy and focused answers for your business. While you can get advice at the SBA or Chamber of Commerce, you may not have the time off work to schedule an appointment. 
StartupBuffet cut to the chase, makes it easy, convenient, and focused.
4. Who is it for?
StartupBuffet is dedicated to serve Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs. 99.7% of US employer firms, and 63% of new jobs are all driven by small business. If you want to know more about small business, and get motivation and inspiration, and learn from others like you, then StartupBuffet is your community.
5. Why should I join?
Learn any topics that interest you from our video library and achieve your goals! By joining, you can add and customize videos in your own resource library to watch and learn the topics you desired anytime you want and anywhere you need. Plus you can join any conversation, make comments and connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs.
6. Is it really free?
Yes. Our membership is FREE and we don’t ask for your credit card when you sign up as our member. 
Optional Premium features that help grow and market your business is coming soon.
7. Will you sell my name / email / personal information to other third parties?
No. We take our privacy policy serious. We do not sell your personal information to other third parties. All information are for internal and community use only. 
8.  How do I get my video on the website?
If you have videos that benefits small businesses and other entrepreneurs, we welcome you to upload and share in our community. Simple click on “JOIN FREE” to create an account and Upload videos that you created and start sharing. 
Please make sure these are your authentic creation and any copyrights materials will not be permitted. 
9.   How do I save videos to watch later?
Click the “JOIN FREE” button, and set up an account. Once you do that you can tag videos and easily save them for later and create your own, custom library.
10. How can I make suggestion and recommendation for StartupBuffet’s community?
We LOVE to hear from you! Go to http://www.startupbuffet.com/contact-us and share your thoughts!
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